About Us


Hand forging bats since 2007, founder and owner Eric Lehrer understood the importance of maintaining baseball traditions while attempting to advance bat performance and integrity. With  “Player Safety” climbing to the forefront of MLB discussions and projects, he focused his efforts on evidence based maintenance of materials and identification of the nations finest species of Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch and Northern Ash. After assuring “good wood”, he invested in the newest technologies and theories, focusing on preventing broken bats. 

“Baseball has given me so much, this is my opportunity to give back”     - Eric Lehrer

Eric started his dream in 2006, after witnessing multiple injuries related to broken bats at all levels. His passion for medicine and careers in EMS and nursing, fueled his desire to find a way to make the game of baseball safer. At E.L. Lumber Bat Company we have developed a partnership with the finest lumber yards in North America, local arborists, and top digital technology scientists in an attempt to educate ourselves on how to increase durability and performance while maintaining the tradition and integrity of the game...using one solid piece of wood. 

Digital imaging technology, performed by KUBTEC, allows for vision beneath the surface of the wood. Moisture pockets, heart rot, fungi, knots and other variables impair the integrity and performance of a bat. Early recognition and elimination through advanced sciences assures no organic imperfections. This results in a more durable, better performing bat. True dedication to our craft and a passion for Player Safety has resulted in a decreased number of broken bats, making the game of baseball safer for players, coaches and fans. Years of continuous feedback has enhanced product development dramatically. Together we have created a new standard for baseball bats.