Player Safety

With player safety discussions related to new metal bat technology, there has been an increase in the demand for wood bats. This pushed manufacturers around the world to produce bats in bulk. Mass production has lead to decreases in quality control, resulting in more broken bats and potential injuries amongst players, coaches and even fans.

A passion for medicine and careers in EMS and nursing, fueled a desire to find a way to make the game of baseball safer. At E.L. Lumber Company we have developed a partnership with the finest lumber yards in North America, local arborists, and top digital technology scientists in an attempt to educate ourselves on how to increase durability and performance and  maintain the tradition and integrity of the game...using one solid piece of wood. 

Rule 1.10 (a)

"The bat shall be a smooth, round stick not more than 2.61 inches in diameter at the thickest part and not more then 42 inches in length. The bat shall be ONE piece of solid wood. "
- Official MLB Rules 2014
While maintaining tradition, we incorporate the most up to date theories,  science and technology to our production process...with a focus on PLAYER SAFETY!
  • Locating the finest Maple, Birch and Ash wood in North America.
  • Proper maintenance of materials. Our environmentally stabilized humidor helps achieve optimal moisture content, balance and durability.
  • Decreased length to weight ratios result in stronger bats.
  • Antler Rubbed for greater durability.
  • Decreased barrel to handle ratios. Big barrel/skinny handle models have been directly related to an increase in the rate of broken bats.
  • Rotating bat labels 90 degrees on our tighter grain species of Sugar Maple and Yellow Birch to the end grain, encouraging contact along the wide grain. Contact at this point will allow the bat to flex the way it was naturally intended,  decreasing strain and maintaining wood integrity.
  • INK DOT Slope of Grain test, to assure a straight grain piece of lumber. The straighter the grain, the stronger the bat.
  • X-RAY : Digital Imaging at the production level allows for early recognition of imperfections beneath the surface, therefore allowing E.L.umber Co. the ability to guarantee its players a perfect piece of wood.

Our efforts are unparalleled and are necessary in order to produce a baseball bat that stands out among the rest. We have developed a relationship with Kubtec, a local business and leader in innovative digital imaging technology. Together we have developed a way to use digital imaging technology to X-ray our billets upon arrival to our shop. This intervention is used to assure that each piece off wood is clean and has no imperfections that could impair the integrity of each bat. The images allow for early detection of fungi, heart rot, moisture pockets and knots. With early detection, we can prevent these bats from reaching the field and causing potential injury to players, coaches and fans.


We continue to learn and improve our science and process. Through time, we are confident that we will produce a bat that will improve player confidence and safety...and maybe even leave a small footprint on the game of baseball.