As part of our safety campaign, we take pride in educating our players on the importance of practice, strength training and proper mechanics. This preparation is vital in the proper use and maintenance of wood bats. At E.L. Lumber Company, we have designed several training bats to aid ball players in improving their mechanics through strength development, muscle memory and barrel control. We focus on target training each hand individually. This helps to isolate top and bottom hand control and eliminate subtle bad habits. We emphasize the importance being strong and swinging heavy in the offseason. Our end result is targeted towards “putting a good swing” on each pitch and NOT just trying to put the ball in play. 

   Our bats are cut thicker and heavier than other bat manufacturers. With our improved designs and by closing the length to weight ratio and pushing heavier bats on players, we have increased durability and performance. Density and bat speed drives the baseball. In order to swing heavy and fast, strength development and proper mechanics are so important. TRAIN TO SWING!

 Our training series is meant to be used as a progression. It starts by isolating each hand individually, emphasizing top and bottom hand control. To eliminate questions and help players understand what they are trying to accomplish, we created a triple knob trainer. This training bat helped players feel each hand working individually while working together.  It aided in the development of a short swing and barrel control. Once the player was able to recognize and improve mechanics, they could begin to train heavy. When swinging heavy, it is important to remember that fatigue can develop bad habits and so we encourage our players to incorporate our Hand, Eye, Speed trainer into their workouts. Using a light bat with our heavy trainer will allow the player to maintain proper mechanics, improve hand eye coordination and fast twitch muscle memory. Read below for further explanations on proper using of each training bat.



  Our one hand trainers are designed for comfort and precision. This allows players multiple repetitions with both hands. Isolating each hand aids in the development of proper mechanics and strength. Players should focus on being short and quick to the baseball while being long through the strike zone. The top hand drills will help to stay on top of the baseball and change those bad habits most youth players have to drop and drag through the zone. By staying on top of the strike zone and learning to hit the ball with both hands, players will make contact with the baseball at the correct angle resulting in grab, friction, rotation and carry.

Our One Hand Trainer Extended is meant to create a realistic relationship between your hands and the strike zone. It’s 27” length is longer than your typical one hand trainer, but it’s sleek and light weight design allow players to maintain barrel control and achieve productive, sound repetitions.  This model is forged to be used with a bag of our small plastic training balls…not meant for baseballs.



This training bat is designed to be used after repetitions with our 1 Hand Trainers. Its three knob design guides the player to separate his top and bottom hand. This keeps each hand working independently while working together. This design helps to feel the throw of the bottom hand along with the push of the top hand. Improving knob and barrel control. The perfect intermediate step from one hand drills to BP with your bat. Learn to hit with both hands! A must have tool for all true gamers.


Our WOODY MAMMOTH is a solid piece of wood designed to build strength, preparing players to face any fire ballers. Its heavy body, durable construction and dense material enables players to improve muscle development and technique. Meant for soft toss and T work, this heavy trainer can also be used for BP or swung on deck. Everyone should have one! 

 Our WOODY MAMMOTH “KNOBSTER” is constructed with a 4oz. knob for improved balance. The end loaded design of our traditional woody mammoth can cause players to drop their hands and drag through the strike zone. The larger knob creates better balance and barrel control.



The Hand Eye Speed Trainer is perfect for hand eye drills and improving fast twitch muscle memory. This unique design allows players to train lite, improving swing speed and barrel accuracy. It’s small hitting surface also aids in improving ocular muscle strength and movement. It's design allows players to take continuous reps with our smaller plastic training balls, included with every purchase. Not intended to be used with real baseballs or softballs.